Men Swimsuit Swim Suits Boxer Shorts Swim Trunks Swimming Surf Shorts

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Color: Black
Size: L
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Men Swimsuit Swim Suits Boxer Shorts Swim Trunks Swimming Surf Shorts

Below is Russia Size:
S size fit waist 44-46
M size fit waist 46-48
L size fit waist 48-50
XL size fit waist 50-52

XXL size fit waist 52-54


Because the production batch is different, the waist copper button color will be different


Size FIT WAIST flat measure

Suggest Height

Suggest Weight
cm/in cm/in cm KG
S  64-69 cm/25-27 in  34 cm/13 in 160-165 cm 45-55 kg
M  70-79 cm/27-31 in  36 cm/14 in 160-170 cm 55-65 kg
L  80-89 cm/31-35 in  38 cm/15 in 160-175 cm 65-75 kg
XL  90-99 cm/35-39 in  40 cm/16 in 165-180 cm 75-85 kg
XXL  96-110 cm/38-42 in  42 cm-17 in 165-195 cm 85-95 kg
"Please allow slight 1-3 cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting "   1 inch=2.54cm


20190106_134729_00220190106_134729_00320190106_134729_00420190106_134729_00520190106_134729_006ALSOTO-Brand-Man-Swimwear-Men-s-Swimsuits-Surf-Board-Beach-Wear-Men-Briefs-Swimming-Trunks-Boxer.jpg_640x640 (3)ALSOTO-Brand-Man-Swimwear-Men-s-Swimsuits-Surf-Board-Beach-Wear-Men-Briefs-Swimming-Trunks-Boxer.jpg_640x640 (1)ALSOTO-Brand-Man-Swimwear-Men-s-Swimsuits-Surf-Board-Beach-Wear-Men-Briefs-Swimming-Trunks-Boxer.jpg_640x640 (2)


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